Sigma-Aldrich Buys Tetrionics


Sigma-Aldrich Corp. has acquired Tetrionics, a Madison, Wis.-based manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Like Ultrafine, the UK-based API manufacturer acquired two months ago, Tetrionics will add about 1 percent to Sigma-Aldrich’s internal growth for the remainder of the year, bringing the $1.3 billion company to its stated goal of adding 2 percent to annual internal growth through acquisitions in 2004.

Founded in 1989, Tetrionics has grown to 50 employees. It provides an offering that includes synthesis and scale-up, analytical chemistry, regulatory support and cGMP manufacturing, with an emphasis on high-potency and cytotoxic compounds.

“Tetrionics adds new expertise in the ability to produce high-potency and cytotoxic compounds,” says Frank Wicks, president of Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals. “High-potency drugs represent one of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry.”