ACC boosts funding for essential2 campaign

Source: CMR


The American Chemistry Council's (ACC) two-year-old "essential2" public relations campaign has made significant progress and will get a spending boost this year, according to officials.

The essential2 campaign, which begins its third year advertising campaign in September with a new stable of television and other advocacy messages, has had most success among chemical industry employees, according to Stephen Gardner, a council spokesman.

Gardner told a press conference at the council's annual business meeting that so far the essential2 campaign has "generated a tremendous response among chemical industry employees and has energized them to work in grass-roots campaigns."

Gardner said the council will spend $13.7m in the new media campaign beginning in September, an increase of 5% over last year's budget. The campaign's television ads have emphasized the critical role of chemicals in everyday life, showing medical care equipment and common household items disappearing if chemicals are withdrawn from the country's commerce.

Council president Jack Gerard said the industry's newly energized employee base is a crucial step forward.

"When we were lobbying Congress last year for increased access to US offshore natural gas reserves, members of Congress got letters and e-mails from 70,000 chemical industry employees," Gerard said. The employee communications generally emphasized that their chemical industry jobs were dependent on opening access to available US reserves of natural gas, the principal feedstock for US chemical manufacturing.

The legislation passed.

"With that kind of participation," said Gerard, "Congress begins to understand the relationship between chemicals and jobs. And when a member of Congress sees jobs disappearing in his or her district, you get their attention."

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