Czech TSO launches Gazela pipeline construction

Author: Katya Zapletnyuk


Czech transmission system operator (TSO)NET4GAS on Thursday launched the construction of the Gazela pipeline, the Czech Industry and Trade Ministry said. The pipe will allow the Czech Republic, as well as Bavaria in Germany, to receive Russian gas from the proposed Nord Stream pipeline as it will connect to the Opal pipe, which begins at the Baltic link's beaching point.

Gazela will also be connected to the transit network MEGAL, which will take gas to south Germany and France. The 169km route runs from the town of Hora Sváté Kateřiny on the Czech Republic's northwest border with Germany, bisecting the country, to re-enter Germany in the south by the town of Waidhaus.

Gazela is one of a number of pipeline projects underway in the Czech Republic, aimed at connecting the country with neighbouring hubs. NET4GAS is working on building a 60km bi-directional pipeline, LBL, connecting the Czech network with the Austrian Baumgarten hub. In addition, Czech independent gas supplier Česká Plynárenská - part of the CE Group - is building a pipeline named Mozart, which will connect the Czech Republic with Austrian pipeline West-Austria-Gasleitung.

The Czech Ministry of the Environment approved the construction of the Gazela pipeline in September 2008. KZ