Pequiven to build more 'petrocasas' in Venezuela

Author: Carlos Camacho


CARACAS (ICIS)--Venezuelan state petrochemical producer said on Wednesday it is building another 50 "petrocasa" homes, which are largely made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The Venezuelan government has delivered more than 1,000 of the petro-homes since the scheme was first announced in 2008 in its drive to reduce the nation's housing shortage. It has even built petrocasas in Cuba.

Pequiven president Raul Ameliach recently promised to build 20,000 petrocasas in 2012 and 50,000 in 2013.

PVC parts for the homes are manufactured in three plants in Venezuela, two in Carabobo state and one in Apure. The parts are then filled with "petro-cemento", a type of cement also made from petrochemical byproducts.

Representatives from Venezuela's private chemicals and plastics industries have repeatedly said that projects such as the petrocasa programme have caused a scarcity of PVC. Pequiven has had to import the product and sell it to private manufacturers, a policy it said weeks ago that it would continue.

The petrocasas programme is one of several schemes that make up the "Gran Mision Vivienda Venezuela" (Great Housing Venezuela Mission), a drive to provide Venezuela's poor with 130,000 houses in 2011 and some 150,000 in 2012, a cornerstone promise by President Hugo Chavez in his campaign for the nation’s October 2012 presidential election.