Production of products from polymers in Russia down 5% in 2015

Source: ICIS News


MOSCOW (MRC)--Last year’s production of finished goods from polymers in Russia dropped by 5% year on year. The construction sector accounted for the greatest fall in the output, reported MRC analysts with reference to  Rosstat’s data.

December production of products from polymers grew by 5% from November, despite the seasonal factor. Producers of polymer films accounted for the main growth. Overall output of products from polymers decreased in 2015 by 5% year on year, the construction sector showed a negative result, particularly, from plastic pipes and window profiles producers.

The film industry demonstrated a positive increase in production year on year.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation, December production of plastic pipes, hoses and fittings virtually remained at the level of November and was 42,600 tonnes. Last year’s overall output of these products from polymers totalled 488,000 tonnes, down by 13% year on year.

Last month’s production of plastic windows and window sills dropped to 1.7 million square metres under the pressure of seasonal factors, down by 16.2% from November. Overall output of these products was 22.2 million square metres in 2015, down by 12.2% year on year.

December production of plastic doors rose to 98,200 square metres, despite the seasonal factor, from 86,500 square metres in the previous month. Overall output of these products decreased by from January to December 2015 by 10% year on year and totalled about 1 million square metres.

Last month’s production of non-combined and non-reinforced films also grew to 75,900 tonnes from 70,800 tonnes in November. Last year’s output of these products was 996,000 tonnes, up by 4.6% year on year.

December production of plates and non-porous sheets reached 23,500 tonnes versus 21,700 tonnes a month earlier. Output of plastic plates and non-porous sheets totalleded 259,000 tonnes from January to December 2015, which is equal to same period a year ago.

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