Oxo- alcohols, plasticizers players concerned about French strikes

Source: ICIS News


LONDON (ICIS)--European oxo-alcohols and plasticizers market participant said late on Wednesday that they are concerned about the strike activity in France, but no direct impact on the market supply has been noted. Depending on the duration of the strike, however, some further effect is expected. A series of strikes is affecting all eight of France’s refineries but impact on feedstock propylene has been described as "patchy" so far.  Other plasticizers feedstock orthoxylene (OX) has also been affected, with Total reportedly declaring force majeure as a result of the strike activity. Both oxo-alcohols and plasticizers production in France is understood to be running with no noteworthy impact at this stage.

“We have been able to pass quite normally through the difficulties, but the situation is not totally normal – we are working around it," an oxo-alcohols producer said. “I am also concerned especially if the total strike of all refineries is lasting. So far I am not registering any concern, but possibly too early to see. But I would be surprised if there is not effect on the plasticizers market," a plasticizers producer added. Participants from both markets are preparing to start June pricing negotiations soon.