Novapex's Roussillon plant on turnaround for acetone, phenol and IPA

Author: Chris Barker


LONDON (ICIS)--European chemical producer Novapex has begun a maintenance turnaround for all acetone-related products at its plant in Roussillon, France as of 7 August, according to a company source on Tuesday.

The routine maintenance is expected to last until 21 August, with the shutdown including all isopropanol (IPA), acetone and phenol production at the site.

Novapex began the process of shutting down its acetone and phenol production in the first week of August, before commencing a full shutdown. This is in line with the company's initial plan for a two-week turnaround in mid-August.

The Roussillon plant has a nameplate IPA capacity of 80,000 tonnes/year, an acetone capacity of 110,000 tonnes/year and a phenol capacity of 185,000 tonnes/year according to ICIS plants and projects data.

The Novapex shutdown is one of two taking place in the European phenol and acetone markets in August, with Germany's Domo Caproleuna separately planning a two-week turnaround on phenol and acetone at its Leuna site from 15 August.

Domo Caproleuna has already begun to run down production ahead of the turnaround, a company source stated on 4 August.

The Leuna plant has a 150,000 tonnes/year phenol production capacity and a 90,000 tonnes/year acetone production capacity according to ICIS plants and projects data.

Chemical producer INEOS will also separately carry out a planned IPA shutdown at its Moers, Germany plant from the last week of August to the first week of October, according to market sources. INEOS does not comment on its IPA production.

Additional reporting by Luke Milner.

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