Natgas to be top US electricity generating fuel in summer - EIA

Author: David Haydon


Natgas to be top US electricity generating fuel in summer - EIAHOUSTON (ICIS)--US electricity generation fuelled by natural gas is forecast to exceed all other fuels for the third summer in a row, according to a Tuesday report by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Natural gas’ projected share is expected to average 34%, the EIA said. Although the percentage is down from the 37% in the summer of 2016, it still exceeds the expected 32% share of coal.

The government agency considers one summer to be June, July and August.

The EIA stated that natural gas exceeded coal as the primary electricity fuel on a monthly basis in the US for the first time during April 2015, and on an annual basis in 2016. According to the EIA, an increase in natural gas prices partly attributed to the slight decrease expected for natural gases percentage share in the summer of 2017.

Both natural gas and coal are expected to have lower percentage shares than the summer of 2016 on a national level, the EIA noted, thanks to expected increased output from hydroelectric and other renewable generators.

Source: EIA

Image: Power pylons Source: WestEnd61/REX/Shutterstock