Asia ethylene margins split on feedstock basis, mostly steady

Source: ICIS News


HOUSTON (ICIS)--Asia ethylene margins were split by feedstock basis but largely steady week on week, the ICIS margin report showed on Monday.

For the week ended 28 July, naphtha-based ethylene margins increased, while ethylene margins based on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fell.

In Northeast Asia, naphtha-based ethylene margins were up by 0.6%, while LPG-based margins were down by 2.6%.

In Southeast Asia, naphtha-based ethylene margins rose by 1.4%, while LPG-based margins fell by 1.8%.

Spot ethylene values rose in both regions, but were largely balanced by higher feedstock costs on an ethylene production basis. Cracker co-product credit movements were up but small.

Spot ethylene rose by $50/tonne in NE Asia and by $60/tonne in SE Asia.

Naphtha costs on an ethylene production basis rose by $59-60/tonne, while LPG costs on the same basis rose by $70/tonne.

Cracker co-product credits were up by $9-13/tonne in NE Asia and rose by $4-6/tonne in SE Asia.