US petchems declare force majeures amid restart plans, Harvey floods

Author: Tracy Dang


(recasts with updates throughout)

HOUSTON (ICIS)--Several more petrochemical companies in the US Gulf region have declared force majeure (FM) because of Hurricane/now Tropical Storm Harvey, even as some sites are planning restarts.

- BASF declares force majeure on acrylic monomers and oxo-alcohol.

- Celanese declares force majeure on vinyl acetate monomer (VAM).

- Formosa declares force majeure on polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

- Formosa declares force majeure on chlor-alkali.

- INEOS declares force majeure on polypropylene (PP) after the storm's effects on Chocolate Bayou and La Porte.

- INVISTA declares force majeure on butanediol (BDO).

- LyondellBasell declares force majeure on polyethylene (PE) after shutdowns at Matagorda, Chocolate Bayou and La Porte.

- LyondellBasell declares force majeure on butadiene (BD) and butanediol (BDO) after production loss at Channelview.

- LyondellBasell declares force majeure on several products including ethylene oxide (EO), ethylene glycols (EG), propylene glycol (PG), glycol ethers, ethanolamines after issues at Bayport.

- LyondellBasell declares force majeure on acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) after issues at La Porte.

- Ascend declares force majeure on acrylonitrile (ACN), hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and disodium iminodiacetate (DSIDA) from Chocolate Bayou.

Meanwhile, several companies are planning restarts at their facilities:

- Enterprise Mont Belvieu fractionators.

- Flint Hills Corpus Christi west refinery and east refinery.

- Formosa Point Comfort olefins 1 and olefins 2.

-Valero Corpus Christi and Three Rivers refineries.

Previously, several companies had shut down or reduced operating rates as a precaution due to Harvey, or have had production issues stemming from severe weather, heavy rains and flooding.

- American Acryl shuts Bayport acrylic acid.

- Braskem shuts Seadrift polypropylene (PP).

- Celanese shuts Pasadena methanol.

- Chevron Phillips Chemical (CP Chem) shuts certain operations at Cedar Bayou and Sweeny, as well as other facilities as appropriate. Previously, the company said it was conducting a sitewide shutdown at Cedar Bayou.

- CP Chem shuts Pasadena Plastics Complex, which produces polyethylene (PE).

- Citgo shuts Corpus Christi refinery.

- Covestro reduces operations at Baytown methyl di-p phenylene isocyanate (MDI), toluene di-isocyanate (TDI), polycarbonate (PC), aniline and chlorine. Later, the company said it has suspended production on most products at Baytown and Channelview.

- Dow Chemical shuts Seadrift operations. The company said it remains operational at remaining Texas sites. However, it had a process upset at Freeport olefins after a lightning strike to another facility.

- DuPont shuts Orange olefins.

- Enterprise shuts Mont Belvieu south plant.

- Enterprise said three of six propylene splitters are in operation or in limited service.

- Enterprise shuts Shoup natural gas processing. Later, it said it shut six of eight natural gas processing plants, including Shoup.

- Enterprise's ethane export terminal is out of service.

- Enterprise's liquefied petroleum gas (LGP) export terminal is out of services.

- ExxonMobil shuts Baytown refinery and chemicals plant.

- ExxonMobil reduces rates at Beaumont refinery. The company later shut some units at its olefins and polyethylene (PE) site.

- Flint Hills Corpus Christi shuts east refiney and west refinery.

- Flint Hills Resources flares at Houston propane dehydrogentation (PDH).

- Flint Hills shuts Port Arthur olefins.

- Formosa shuts Point Comfort olefins 1 and olefins 2.

- Formosa shuts Point Comfort chlor-alkali.

- Hexion shuts Deer Park epoxy resin.

- Huntsman shuts Chocolate Bayou, Conroe, Dayton, Houston, Freeport and Port Neches sites.

- Indorama unit trips at Clear Lake ethylene oxide.

- INEOS has upset at Chocolate Bayou olefins 1 and 2.

- INEOS shuts Green Lake acrylonitrile.

- INVISTA shuts Victoria nylon intermediates.

- Javelina shuts Corpus Christi gas processing.

- LyondellBasell shuts Bayport, Chocolate Bayou, Corpus Christi, La Porte, Matagorda and Victoria sites. Previously, the company said it was conducting preparations at its Corpus Christi olefins plant.

- LyondellBasell shuts or partially shuts BD at Channelview.

- LyondellBasell scaled back operations at its Houston refinery.

- LyondellBasell had a power supply interruption at Channelview olefins and methanol. Earlier, market sources said the company had shut down one of its two crackers.

- Marathon shuts Texas City refinery.

- Motiva reduces rates at Port Arthur refinery.

- Petrobras shuts Pasadena refinery.

- Phillips 66 suspended operations at its Freeport terminal, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) export, and Pasadena refined products terminal.

- Phillips 66 shuts Sweeny refinery.

- Shell shuts Deer Park refinery and chemicals plant.

- Occidental Chemical (OxyChem)/OxyVinyls shuts Ingleside ethylene and chlor-alkali.

- TPC boilers trip at Houston butadiene (BD) site.

- Valero shuts Corpus refineries and Three Rivers refinery.


- DuPont is down at its Victoria site for a previously planned outage. It will commence start-up activities when the weather improves.

- INEOS discovered a heat exchanger tube leak at its Pasadena site. Repairs are unable to commence until weather risks pass.

- Texas ports remain closed, and several railroad companies have issued embargoes or suspended operations.

To view an interactive map of petrochemical plants in Texas, click here. Use the drop-down menu to see plants by products, and zoom in to see more details.