TransCanada shuts down Keystone pipeline in South Dakota following leak

Source: ICIS News


HOUSTON (ICIS)--TransCanada has shut down its Keystone pipeline in South Dakota, US, following an oil leak of approximately 5,000 bbl, the Canadian company said on Thursday.

The company said the shutdown occurred at approximately 06:00 Houston time (12:00 GMT) after a drop in pressure was noticed.

The cause is still under investigation, TransCanada said, adding the location of the leak is a section of pipe along a right-of-way approximately 35 miles (56 km) south of the Ludden pump station in Marshall County, South Dakota.

“We have been keeping our shippers and customers up to date and have communicated that the pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta to Cushing, Oklahoma and to Wood River/Patoka, Illinois is expected to remain shut down as we respond to this incident,” the company said. “This does not affect the Marketlink pipeline system, which uses the facilities of the southern leg of the Keystone system from Cushing to the Gulf Coast.”