Russia’s imports of PC, compounds rise 24% in January-November

Source: ICIS News


MOSCOW (MRC)--Imports of polycarbonate (PC) and compounds into Russia, excluding deliveries from Belarus, increased in the first eleven months of 2017 by 24% year on year to 13,200 tonnes, according to a MRC DataScope report.

PC granules imports grew by 32% year on year in January-November of 2017, excluding shipments from Belarus, to 9,500 tonnes.

Imports of German producer Covestro’s PC granules reached in the first eleven months of the year 3,900 tonnes, compared to 3,100 tonnes last year, whereas Sabic’s shipments were 3,500 tonnes versus 2,000 tonnes.

Injection moulding grades accounted for 66% (6,200 tonnes) of the total PC imports, extrusion grades for 29% (2,700 tonnes) and blow moulding grades for 5% (500 tonnes).

Shipments of Sabic’s material from Belarus rose by 54% to 3,700 tonnes in January-November, from 2,400 tonnes a year earlier.

Overall imports of PC and compounds increased by 30% during the period.

November imports of PC and compounds from the non-CIS countries stood at 1,210 tonnes versus 1,190 tonnes a month earlier.

Last month’s imports of PC granules were 810 tonnes, compared to 770 tonnes in October.

PC granules imports were 600 tonnes last November.

Last month’s imports of Covestro’s PC granules were 300 tonnes, whereas SABIC’s shipments stood at 350 tonnes and Lotte’s at 70 tonnes.

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