Corrected: Plant Status: Iran’s Fanavaran Petrochemical restarts acetic acid plant

Source: ICIS News


Correction: In the ICIS news article headlined “Plant Status: Restart of Iran’s Fanavaran Petrochemical acetic acid plant remains unclear” dated 21 February 2018, please read in the headline… plant has restarted… and also in the comments section please read…the plant was restarted late on 20 February… instead of… has yet to restart…. A corrected story follows.

SINGAPORE (ICIS)--Here is a plant status report:

Owner: Fanavaran Petrochemical Company

Product: Acetic acid

Location: Badar Imam, Iran

Capacity (tonnes/year): 150,000

Event start: 13 February 2018

Event finish: 20 February 2018

Comments: The plant – which was taken off line on 13 February due to technical issues at the upstream carbon monoxide (CO) plant – was restarted late on 20 February, according to a company official.