PP imports to Belarus rose by 17.4% in January-February

Source: ICIS News


MOSCOW (MRC)--Imports of polypropylene (PP) into Belarus increased to about 14,900 tonnes in first two months of this year, up 17.4% year on year. Demand for all PP grades increased, according to MRC DataScope.

February PP imports into Belarus exceeded 8,000 tonnes, compared to 6,900 tonnes a month earlier, as local converters increased their purchases of injection moulding propylene copolymers. Total PP imports into the country reached 14,900 tonnes in January-February, up from 12,600 tonnes in the first two months of 2017.

February imports of homopolymers of propylene to the Belarusian market rose to 5,300 tonnes against 5,000 tonnes a month earlier, with local companies increasing purchases of injection moulding PP in Russia. Thus, overall homopolymer PP imports reached 10,300 tonnes in January-February, up by 21% year on year.

Russian producers, with the share of about 86% of the total shipments, were the key suppliers.

February imports of propylene copolymers to Belarus increased to 2,700 tonnes from 1,900 tonnes a month earlier, as local companies increased their procurement of injection moulding statistical copolymers (PP random copolymers) in Russia. Thus, overall imports of propylene copolymers reached 4,600 tonnes in January-February 2018, whereas this figure was 4,100 tonnes a year earlier.

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