Click here! New operational excellence survey with EFESO

Source: ECN


Despite today’s relatively benign economic and business environment for chemical producers, there is still an imperative to improve operational excellence and “drive more out of less”.

Many companies are embarked on improvement programmes in this area, but with varying levels of success. Just over three years ago, ICIS surveyed readers of ICIS Chemical Business on their experiences with operational excellence initiatives and came up with a series of findings, reported in the 8 December 2014 issue of this magazine.

At that time, over half of all responding companies were actively involved in trying to improve operational performance, either in certain business units or functional areas.

A few were taking a fully integrated approach across the organisation, with top level, centralised support and facilitation.

To see whether operational excellence is still a top priority, and if execution has improved, ICIS is again undertaking a comprehensive, online survey of the industry in association with EFESO Consulting, a global consultancy firm specialised in sustainable transformations.

The aim is to update the earlier survey results, but also to delve deeper into several areas which the original survey highlighted as of special importance.

Please click here to take part in the survey. We need your views!