China province lists 28 chemical plants for relocation

Author: Fanny Zhang


China’s Fujian province has identified 28 chemical plants for relocation, away from the cities to industrial parks, continuing the government’s moves to carry out major environmental reforms.

The list was posted on Fujian’s local government website. The province is in southeastern China. Apart from relocation, the affected producers have the option to continue operating at their existing locations if they switch to manufacturing non-toxic items, or close their plants before late 2020.

“Initial consultations showed that most plants have chosen to move out. But some are too small and can’t meet requirements of industrial parks, so they will end up in closure,” said a local governmental official.

The final decision on each individual company is expected to come out in September this year, the official said. The biggest 
company in the list is Fujian Sangang Sanming Chemical, which produces ammonia, methanol, 
urea and melamine; and has a workforce of 1,315. Another major producer in the list is Fujian Meizhouwan Chlor-Alkali, which employs some 800 people.

The two companies have agreed to relocate, the official said. China’s central government in September 2017 initiated a massive relocation plan 
for dangerous chemicals plants, in which small- and middle-sized plants are required to complete the task by 2020 and big ones by 2025.

Since 2014, provincial governments have been submitting to the central government a list of production facilities up for 
relocation and/or re-engineering, in line with China’s embrace of more environmental friendly policies.