PVC January-May imports to Russia down 60%, exports up 30%

Source: ICIS News


MOSCOW (MRC)--Imports of suspension polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) to Russia were around 9,300 tonnes in January-May, down 60% year on year, according to the MRC DataScope report.

Meanwhile, low demand from the domestic market forced Russian producers to increase export volumes by 30%.

May imports of SPVC in the country fell to 237 tonnes against 3,400 tonnes a month earlier.

An increase in export prices and the devaluation of the rouble against the dollar in April contributed to the almost complete SPVC purchases in China.

Total SPVC imports into Russia amounted to about 9,300 tonnes in the first five months of this year against 23,600 tonnes a year earlier.

Russian producers had to ship PVC more actively this year due to the low demand from the domestic market with export sales increasing by almost a third.

The key external suppliers of PVC for several years have traditionally been producers from China.

May imports of acetylene PVC from China significantly decreased to 237 tonnes against 3,200 tonnes a month earlier.

In general, acetylene PVC imports from China in the first five months of the year decreased to about 8,400 tonnes against 21,800 tonnes a year earlier.

Imports of acetylene PVC are expected to increase slightly in June. Russian producers had to increase export volumes, although since March, export sales have declined.

Exports of SPVC from Russia exceeded 48,000 tonnes  in January-May this year versus 37,000 tonnes a year earlier.

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