US ExxonMobil mulls polymers unit in Baytown, Texas

Source: ICIS News


HOUSTON (ICIS)--ExxonMobil may build what it calls a performance-polymers unit and a monomer-preparation facility at its Baytown complex in Texas, according to an application it made for a state tax programme.

Baytown is one of the sites that ExxonMobil is considering for the projects, it said in the application.

The performance-polymers unit would combine monomers and create a solid polymer resin, ExxonMobil said in the application. The monomers and catalyst are combined in a reactor, and the resulting polymer is then separated from the reaction components, the company said.

The polymer is then formed into pellets and dried, ExxonMobil said.

The monomer-preparation facility would prepare the monomers that are used in the performance-polymers unit, the company said.

The company did not specify the monomers or the polymers.

Construction could start in mid-2021 and be finished in 2023, ExxonMobil said.

The company said it had no comments about the application.

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