Need to know: Key diary dates from European energy markets

Source: Heren


A consultation by the British energy regulator Ofgem to suspend the market-making initiative in the UK’s wholesale electricity market closes on Thursday 20 September


The BBL pipeline that connects Britain to the Netherlands will be offline for annual maintenance from 17-20 September.

The Etzel storage site in Germany, which is connected to both the Dutch and German gas grids, will be offline for annual maintenance from 14-28 September.

Dutch grid operator GTS will not be able to facilitate within-day balancing actions from 23:30 on 14-15 September (LET) due to a technical upgrade of the ICE Endex trading platform. GTS usually intervenes with an emergency balancing action if the grid becomes excessively long or short.

REMIT information shows that Czech incumbent CEZ will be taking a 1GW nuclear unit offline for three days at the end of next week.

The Katharina storage facility in Germany will be offline for injections and withdrawals from Monday to Friday.


GTS will hold auctions for October capacity via the pan-European PRISMA platform on 17 September. GTS has organised a meeting for shippers at the Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol in Hoofddorp, outside Amsterdam, on 20 September. The programme has not been made public, but recent meetings have covered tariffs and the implementation of EU network codes.

Friday is the last day on which market participants can register to enter Poland’s power capacity market auctions for the years 2021-2023. Applicants can register here .


The next scheduled meeting of the German coal commission is due to take place on 18 September. The commission was set up by the German government to manage the country’s transition away from the carbon-emitting fuel towards renewable energy generation and is expected to name an end date for coal in Germany by the end of 2018.

A call for Polenergia shares by Polish electricity incumbent PGE will end on Thursday. Polenergia announced the takeover bid in May, but the majority shareholder said it did not intend to sell its stake.

The TSOs involved in the German-Czech VIP, Gascade, Ontras, Opal Gas Transport and NET4GAS, are holding a conference call on 19 and 20 September to take questions from market participants regarding the implementation of a virtual interconnection point (VIP) between Gaspool and the Czech Republic.