INEOS Styrolution partners with two Canadian firms for PS recycling

Source: ICIS News


LONDON (ICIS)--European chemical major INEOS Styrolution and Canadian firms Pyrowave and ReVital Polymers have partnered to recycle polystyrene (PS) packaging collected in consumer curbside and depot recycling systems, the three companies said on Wednesday.

The three firms will use Pyrowave’s technology to recycle single-serve PS packaging and utilise recycled PS in the manufacturing of new products and packaging.

“ReVital, Pyrowave and INEOS Styrolution will change the way post-consumer polystyrene packaging is recycled in an integrated, restorative and regenerative manner that maintains the material’s highest utility and value within a circular economy,” a joint statement said.

"This Canadian solution will not only reduce the amount of polystyrene packaging going to landfill, but will also address the global problem of plastic pollution in marine environments."

The process will involve ReVital installing Pyrowave’s catalytic microwave depolymerisation technology at its facilities, which will convert PS packaging to a liquid that contains monomers, which will then be used by INEOS Styrolution.

INEOS Styrolution will then process the material to return it to virgin resin that can be made into any new PS-based product.