VIDEO: future trends for Europe chemicals

Source: ECN


Europe phenol, acetone supply levels lead to contrasting trends

European Markets Editor Pavle Popovic talks to Jane Massingham about diverging trends for phenol and acetone. Acetone length could balance amid planned maintenance. However, phenol tightness is set to be constrained further with Q4 adders under upward pressure as a result.

European caustic soda may tighten in Q4

The European caustic soda market tightened in 2017 following capacity closures; however, the market re-balanced in H1 2018 and may tighten going into Q4. Markets Editor Pavle Popovic talks to Senior Editor for caustic soda Chris Barker about expectations in the European market ahead of the 52nd annual EPCA in Vienna from 7-10 October.

Europe oxo-alcohols market turns attention to 2019

European oxo-alcohol players are considering the issue of propylene supply in 2019 due to the cracker turnaround schedule in the spring. Senior editor Jane Massingham speaks to markets editor Pavle Popovic about this issue and an anticipated pull on 2-ethyl hexanol (2-EH) demand due to higher dioctyl terephalate (DOTP) production.

Europe MMA market calm and balanced ahead of EPCA

After a turbulent few years in the European methyl methacrylate (MMA) market, there is a calmer sentiment. Supply is balanced in Europe and demand on the weaker side, but overseas factors continue to impact the European market. Morgan Condon interviews Katherine Sale on the current pricing dynamics, and supply and demand drivers for 2018.

Length in BPA spot market keeps prices stable

Pressure on the European bisphenol A (BPA) spot market has started to decline as prices have levelled out over September. Ahead of the EPCA conference in Vienna this October, Senior Editor Yana Palagacheva talks to Markets Reporter Morgan Condon on the key issues driving the market heading into Q4.

Europe BDO demand strong ahead of Q4 price talks

European BDO editor Eashani Chavda takes markets editor Sarah Trinder through the big talking points for quarter four contract price talks ahead of the 52nd EPCA conference. BDO is a chemical intermediate used in the production of high performance polymers, solvents and fine chemicals.