OUTLOOK VIDEO '19: Regulatory changes, economic concerns threaten to disrupt oleochemicals outlook

Author: ICIS Editorial


LONDON (ICIS)--The oleochemicals markets are being plagued by economic uncertainty, while players await the final decision on biodiesel anti-subsidy duties.

European oleochemicals editor Samantha Wright talks markets editor Eashani Chavda through the impact this could have on the market in 2019.

Biodiesel, which is derived from vegetable oils or animal fats, is used as fuel in diesel engines.

Glycerine is mainly used in personal and oral care products such as skincare creams, toothpastes and mouthwashes, as well as food products either as glycerine directly or one of its derivatives such as glycerol mono-stearate.

Derived from vegetable oils such as palm and coconut oil, fatty acids are mainly used in cosmetics and toiletries, as well as for production of lubricants and plasticizers in rubber and polymer processing.

The main use for fatty alcohols lies in the detergents industry – laundry detergents, shampoos and shower gels – as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.