Japan's Sumitomo Chem studying increase in methionine exports

Source: ICIS News


SINGAPORE (ICIS)--Sumitomo Chemical is looking to increase its exports of methionine after receiving governmental approval to domestically transport the essential amino acid by ship from its Ehime Works facility, the Japanese producer said on Monday.

Methionine is used mainly as a feed additive for chicken.

Sumitomo Chemical expanded the production capacity of methionine at its Ehime site in 2018 from about 150,000 tonnes/year to around 250,000 tonnes/year.

“The methionine market is expected to show an unabated growth globally at a high annual rate of about 6%, given the continued growth of world population and the further spreading of the meat-eating culture among emerging countries as their economies continue to develop in the decades to come,” the company said.

“In parallel, Sumitomo Chemical is working to boost the export of methionine by increasing the quantity of methionine transported from the Ehime Works to Kobe Port, a major export port for the product,” it added.

Transporting the methionine by ship will lower the company’s truck transportation requirements by about 94% and carbon dioxide emissions by around 55%, Sumitomo Chemical said.