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Erica Sesay


Updated on 16 September.

On this topic page, we gather the latest news, analysis and resources, to help you to keep track of developments in the area of sustainability in the fertilizers industry.


US ADM and PepsiCo. announce agreement to reduce carbon intensity
By Mark Milam 14-Sep-22 21:51 HOUSTON (ICIS)–US companies Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and PepsiCo. have announced a 7.5-year strategic commercial agreement to closely collaborate on projects that aim to significantly expand regenerative agriculture across their shared North American supply chains.

Uniper, Vesta to cooperate on renewable ammonia site in the Netherlands
By Gary Hornby 12-Sep-22 18:06 LONDON(ICIS)–German utility Uniper and logistics company Vesta have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to evaluate the potential establishment of a renewable ammonia hub in the Netherlands, a joint press release said 12 September.

German Uniper to work with Japan’s JERA on US clean ammonia projects
By Stefan Baumgarten 06-Sep-22 19:40 LONDON (ICIS)–German power generation company Uniper and Japanese energy firm JERA plan to jointly develop clean ammonia export projects in the US.

ADNOC ships first cargo of low-carbon ammonia to Germany
By Stefan Baumgarten 01-Sep-22 14:53 LONDON (ICIS)–Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has send a first demonstration cargo of low-carbon ammonia from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Germany, it said on Thursday.

Canada’s plan to cut fertilizer emissions is voluntary – minister
By Stefan Baumgarten 19-Aug-22 16:02 TORONTO (ICIS)–The Canadian federal government’s target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fertilizers is voluntary, not mandatory, agricultural minister Marie Claude Bibeau said.

Canada’s fertilizer emission goal raises food production concerns
By Erica Sesay 16-Aug-22 15:38 LONDON (ICIS)–Canada’s emission lowering goal has raised some concerns in the agriculture sector about a possible reduction in the country’s future crop yields.

Northern Nutrients produces new nitrogen sulphur fertilizer, targets autumn sales
By Manuja Pandey 04-Aug-22 10:37 LONDON (ICIS)–Canada’s Northern Nutrients has created a new nitrogen sulphur fertilizer, named Triple Kick, which contains 38% nitrogen, 18% sulphur as well as a source of carbon, the company said in a statment.

Ameropa and Hynfra sign deal to explore green ammonia, methanol
By Julia Meehan 15-Jul-22 12:50 LONDON (ICIS)–Ameropa and Hynfra, a Polish-based company focused on clean energy, renewable hydrogen and ammonia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the development and marketing of renewable ammonia and methanol projects.

Canada invests about $1.7m towards high-efficiency fertilizer
By Erica Sesay 11-Jul-22 12:11 LONDON (ICIS)–Canada’s Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food has announced an investment of up to CAD1.7m for Calgary-based Sulvaris to further develop new technology to produce high-efficiency fertilizers made with organic carbon.

Highfield Resources announces launch of community initiative at Muga Potash project
By Mark Milam 01-Jul-22 21:52 HOUSTON (ICIS)–Spanish fertilizer firm Highfield Resources announced that the Muga Community Initiative, a new public-private partnership created to help promote local development around the Muga Potash mine, has been officially launched.

US Mosaic and BioConsortia expand collaboration to microbial biostimulant
By Mark Milam 14-Jun-2022 HOUSTON (ICIS)–US fertilizer producer Mosaic and BioConsortia have entered into a new agreement to distribute BioConsortia’s new microbial biostimulant in Asia.

IMO deems Mediterranean Sea area for sulphur oxides emissions control
By Morgan Condon 14-Jun-22 14:47 LONDON (ICIS)–The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has designated the entire Mediterranean Sea as an area for emissions control, the UN agency announced on Tuesday.


What is it?

The risk of carbon leakage frustrates the EU’s efforts to meet climate objectives. It occurs when companies transfer production to countries that are less strict on emissions, or when EU products are replaced by more carbon-intensive imports.

This new mechanism would counteract this risk by putting a carbon price on imports of certain goods from outside of the EU.

How will it work?

EU importers will buy carbon certificates corresponding to the carbon price that would have been paid, had the goods been produced under the EU’s carbon pricing rules.

Conversely, once a non-EU producer can show that they have already paid a price for the carbon used in the production of the imported goods, the corresponding cost can be fully deducted for the EU importer.

This will help reduce the risk of carbon leakage by encouraging producers in non-EU countries to make their production processes greener.

A reporting system will apply from 2023 with the objective of facilitating a smooth roll out and to facilitate dialogue with non-EU countries. Importers will start paying a financial adjustment in 2026.

How is the fertilizer industry affected?

The fertilizer industry is one of the sectors to fall under the CBAM.

The more energy-intensive nitrogen fertilizers will be affected most in the sector by the mechanism.


The UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) launched a consultation at the beginning of November 2020 on reducing ammonia emissions from urea fertilizers. The consultation ran until 26 January 2021.

It set out three options for tackling ammonia emissions:

  • A total ban on solid urea fertilizers
  • A requirement to stabilise solid urea fertilizers with the addition of a urease inhibitor.
  • A requirement to restrict the spreading of solid urea fertilizers to between 15 January and 31 March of a given year.

Liquid urea is excluded from any new rules or restrictions.

DEFRA is currently analysing the feedback received.

In March 2022, DEFRA announced that it had delayed introducing restrictions on the use of urea by at least a year to support farmers with fertilizer availability and keep their costs down

Should DEFRA decide to restrict the use of urea in the future, growers would be left with just ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers.


Canada’s Soilgenic launches new enhanced efficiency fertilizers technology for retail

Austria’s Borealis aims to produce 1.8m tonnes/year of circular products by 2030

European Parliament rejects proposed carbon market reform

IFA ’22: southern Africa looks to bio-fertilizer as cheaper, sustainable option

IFA ’22: Indian farmers will struggle to embrace specialty fertilizers – producer

Canadian Nutrien plans to build world’s largest clean ammonia facility in Louisiana

Japan’s JGC Holdings awards green ammonia plant contract to KBR

US ReMo Energy launches green ammonia product to address fertilizer cost and climate change

Norway’s Yara evaluates potential stock listing of Yara Clean Ammonia unit on Oslo Stock Exchange

Saskatchewan government extends 4R Nutrient Stewardship agreement for three more years

Anuvia Plant Nutrients secures funding to scale US production of sustainable fertilizer

Verde AgriTech announces technology to incorporate microorganisms in fertilizer products

Bayer to partner with Ginkgo to produce sustainable fertilizers

OCI looking to expand Texas nitrogen output and create renewable fuel plant

Australia Orica and H2U Group partner on Gladstone green ammonia project

Canada sets tax credit of up to 60% for carbon capture projects

Keras Resources increases ownership of the Diamond Creek Phosphate Mine in Utah

UK delays urea restrictions to support farmers as fertilizer costs at record high

EU states agree to back carbon border tax

Yara to develop novel green fertilizer from recycled nutrients

USDA announces plans for $250m grant programme to support American-made fertilizer

Canada seeks guidance to achieve fertilizer emissions target

Fertilizer titan Pupuk Indonesia develops hydrogen/blue ammonia business

India launches green hydrogen/ammonia policy, targets exports
Canada AmmPower to develop green hydrogen and ammonia facility in Louisiana

US DOE awards grant to project to recover rare earth elements from phosphate production

Fertiglobe, Masdar, Engie to develop green hydrogen for ammonia production

Czech Republic’s Spolana enhances granular AS production

India’s Reliance to invest $80bn in green energy projects

Yara, Sweden’s Lantmannen aim to commercialise green ammonia by 2023

Novatek and Uniper target Russia to Germany blue-ammonia supply chain

Fertz giant Yara goes green with electrification of Norwegian factoryCanada

Arianne Phosphate exploring use of phosphate for hydrogen technology

FAO and IFA renew MoU to promote sustainable fertilizer use

Sumitomo Chemical, Yara to explore clean ammonia collaboration

Sri Lanka revokes ban on imports

Tokyo scientists convert bioplastic into nitrogen fertilizer

Aramco plans Saudi green hydrogen, ammonia project

China announces action plan for carbon peaking & neutrality

Saudi Aramco targets net zero emissions from operations by 2050

Fertiglobe goes green with Red Sea zero-carbon ammonia pro

Australian fertilizer major Incitec Pivot teams up for green ammonia study

INTERVIEW: BASF to scale up new decarbonisation tech in second half of decade – CEO

India asks fertilizer companies to speed up production of nano DAP

Japan’s Itochu set to receive first cargo of blue ammonia for fertilizer use

Norway’s Yara acquires recycled fertilizers maker Ecolan

Bayer Funds US start-up aims to cut nitrogen fertilizer use by 30%

BP: Green ammonia production in Australia feasible, but needs huge investment

Origin and MOL explore shipping green ammonia from Australia

India’s IFFCO seeks to export nano urea fertilizer

Sri Lanka reinstates ban on import of chemical fertilizers

Nutrien to cut greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030


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