SIBUR-Khimprom raised September EPS prices for Ukrainian market by $25/tonne September

Author: Margaret Volkova


MOSCOW (MRC)--SIBUR-Khimprom announced an decrease in prices of  expandable polystyrene (EPS) in Ukraine for September on Monday.

September prices of material for the Ukrainian market were heard at $1,270/tonne free carrier (FCA) Voronezh, excluding VAT.

August prices were assessed at  $1,295/tonne FCA Voronezh, excluding VAT.

The Russian producer reduced its prices for additional August quantities to $1,245/tonne FCA Voronezh, excluding VAT, in the third decade of last month.

The company has three main production capacities. Production of butyl alcohols and 2-ethylhexanol with a capacity of 160,000 tonnes/year.

The producer also has sites for ethylbenzene (220,000 tonnes/year), styrene monomer (SM) production  (135,000 tonnes/year), polystyrene (PS) production (100,000 tonnes/year), an ethylene and propylene unit, and production of eco-friendly plasticizer dioctyl terephthalate (DOTF) at 100,000 tonnes/year.

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