China unveils lists of US goods to be excluded from additional tariffs

Author: Fanny Zhang


SINGAPORE (ICIS)--China will exclude 16 products from a 25% additional tariff on US goods for a year starting from 17 September 2019 to 16 September 2020, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said in a statement on Wednesday.

They make the first list of such exemptions and more are expected to come in future, the Commission said.

The listed products are mostly covered in China’s tariffs on $16bn of US goods enacted on 24 August last year.

Under the arrangement, importers can get paid tariffs refunded for 12 products (see table 1) while the remaining 4 products (table 2) will not enjoy repayment.

Table 1:
# HS code Product name
1 03063610 Other small shrimp and shrimp seedlings
2 12141000 Aster meal and pellets
3 12149000 Other aster
4 23012010 Feed fishmeal
5 27101991 Lubricating oil
6 27101992 Grease
7 29349990 Ring line, insecticidal ring, insecticide nail, etc.
8 29349990 Other heterocyclic compounds
9 34021300 Non-ionic organic surfactant
10 34031900 Lubricant (oil containing or extracted from bituminous minerals and <70% by weight)
11 34039900 Lubricant (oil that does not contain petroleum or is extracted from bituminous minerals)
12 90221400 Other medical, surgical or veterinary X-ray applications
Table 2:
1 04041000 Feed whey
2 27101299 Release agent
3 27101919 Isoparaffin solvent
4 27101993 Lube base oil

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