Americas top stories: weekly summary

Author: ICIS Editorial


HOUSTON (ICIS)--Here are the top stories from ICIS News from the week ended 22 May.

US BD depressed into H2 on expected slow automotive recovery
US butadiene (BD) markets appear set to remain depressed into the second half of 2020 as the automotive sector reels from the economic and workforce impacts of coronavirus.

After volatility in March and April, US IPA markets see more consistency
Isopropanol (IPA) prices skyrocketed in March and April, as the coronavirus spread rapidly throughout the US and Western Europe.

Range of IPA prices narrow as high demand begins to stabilise
Although demand for isopropanol (IPA) remains much higher than pre-coronavirus levels, it has begun to stabilise, especially when compared with April.

VIDEO: US PE prices could be nearing a trough
Watch Deputy Managing Editor Zachary Moore provide an update on US polyethylene (PE) markets. PE markets may be nearing a trough as demand improves and feedstocks move higher.

Sentiment shifting in US PE markets as export offers rise
Sentiment is showing signs of shifting in the US polyethylene (PE) market. Export offers are starting to trend higher while price increase initiatives have been announced in the domestic market.

US fuel ethanol producers continue to face margin pressure, some consider the switch to industrial production
US fuel ethanol producers continue to feel margin pressure, despite indications of demand recovery, as stocks remain elevated and consumers remain hesitant to resume their normal lives.

US May epoxy soft amid competitive material, slower demand
US epoxy is soft in May due to pressure from imports and headwinds in demand.

VIDEO: US IPA eases with improving supply, but demand remains strong
Watch Markets Reporter Deniz Koray discuss the supply and demand dynamics facing US isopropanol (IPA) markets during the coronavirus.

ICIS WEBINAR: Coronavirus smothers US PE expansion wave
The coronavirus has smothered the next wave of new US projects, from ethane extraction all the way down to polyethylene (PE).