PODCAST: pandemic accelerates digitisation, new manufacturing technologies in chemicals

Author: Will Beacham


BARCELONA (ICIS)—The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the adoption of new digitisation techniques and chemical manufacturing technologies, according to leading industry commentators.

  • Pharma and chemicals are using innovative R&D in the quest for virus treatments and vaccines
  • Reshoring of supply chains means now is the perfect time to invest in new manufacturing technologies
  • Poverty in the developing world will drag down economic growth and chemicals demand
  • Chemicals could see weak July and August on oil price falls, inventory destocking
  • China will run its plants hard leading to oversupply in other markets
  • China chemicals demand could be weaker than 2019

Listen to this podcast interview with Paul Hodges, chairman of consultancy International eChem; John Richardson, ICIS senior consultant, Asia and ICIS Insight editor Nigel Davis.

Podcast interview by Will Beacham 

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