Ukrainian ammonia and urea producer OPZ finalises gas tolling tender shortlist

Author: Richard Ewing


LONDON (ICIS)--Ukraine's Odessa Port Plant (OPZ) on Tuesday unveiled the shortlist of companies chasing its gas tolling tender, with three suppliers invited to participate in Thursday's electronic auction on commodity exchange Polonex.

At noon local time on 23 July, the state-owned ammonia and urea producer will consider offers from IBE Trade Corp, Maddox SA and current supplier Agro Gas Trading (AGT) for the ten-month tender.

On 30 June, the manufacturer extended its gas tolling arrangement with AGT by two months, meaning its plants on the shore of the Black Sea will run throughout July and August.

The pair’s existing deal expired on that date, but the short-term contract was agreed as the manufacturer does not expect to award the tender until mid-August.

Maddox SA is a privately-owned, Geneva-based company trading physical oil and oil-related financial derivatives.

IBE Trade Corp is a New York-headquartered producer and trader of chemical fertilizers with an established office at Yuzhny - the port adjacent to Odessa where large volumes of Russian and Ukrainian ammonia and urea are loaded for export each month.

"Terms of participation and the procedure for conducting an electronic auction is determined by the rules of the electronic auction to determine the most advantageous offer," OPZ said in a brief statement.

Ukrainian ammonia and urea producer OPZ handles hundreds of thousands of tonnes of nitrogen fertilizers each month. Photo courtesy of OPZ