INTERVIEW: US Chemours expects ore prices used for TiO2

Author: Al Greenwood


HOUSTON (ICIS)--Chemours expects stable prices for the ores it uses to make titanium dioxide (TiO2), as it saw no disruptions to supply earlier in the year, the CEO of the US-based pigment producer said on Friday.

"We have not had any problem with supply from our suppliers from that standpoint at all," said Mark Vergnano, Chemours CEO. He made his comments in an interview with ICIS.

While Chemours lacked any problems, the industry did have some issues earlier in the year, he said.

"There were some disruptions in the first quarter where some mines were shut down and transportation was an issue," Vergnano said. "I would say it never affected us, but I know the industry had some issues."

Looking ahead, he expects stable ore prices and no disruptions.

For mining in general, there had been closures that were intended to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Interview article by Al Greenwood

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