Canada adds jobs in September, unemployment rate dips

Author: Stefan Baumgarten


TORONTO (ICIS)--Canada’s economy continued to add jobs in September as most businesses and workplaces have re-opened following the coronavirus-related restrictions and shutdowns.

Canada added 378,200 jobs in September.

The unemployment rate fell 1.2 percentage points from August to 9.0% in September - but remains above the 5.6% from February, the month before the pandemic struck, according to the latest data by federal agency Statistics Canada on Friday.

In manufacturing, employment rose 4.1% month on month and was almost back at its February level.

Canada employment, September 2020:

(‘000) +/- from August 2020 +/- from September 2019
Total employed 18,469.9 +2.1% -3.6%
Natural resources 298.8 0.3% -6.8%
Construction 1,369.4 flat -7.4%
Manufacturing 1,724.7 4.1% -0.9%
Services sector 14,661.2 +2.1% -3.5

For comparison, the US unemployment rate fell 8.4% in August to 7.9% in September.

Meanwhile, however, Canada and other countries are facing the virus’ second wave, and authorities have begun re-imposing some restrictions, in particular in Quebec province.

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