India Dec vehicle sales rise by 5.8%, production up by 9%

Nurluqman Suratman


SINGAPORE (ICIS)–India’s total vehicle sales in December rose by 5.8% year on year to 1.91m units, industry data showed on Thursday.

Two-wheelers accounted for more than 80% of both sales and production for the month, according to data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Overall vehicle exports rose by 14.6% year on year in December.

Segment 2019 2020 % change
Passenger Vehicles 254,359 315,838 24.2
Three Wheelers 93,654 62,152 -33.6
Two Wheelers 1,401,932 1,529,242 9.1
Quadricycle 402 579 44.0
Total 1,750,347 1,907,811 9.0
Segment 2019 2020 % change
Passenger Vehicles 222,728 252,998 13.6
Three Wheelers 53,795 22,126 -58.9
Two Wheelers 1,050,038 1,127,917 7.4
Quadricycle 33 0
Total 1,326,594 1,403,041 5.8
Segment 2019 2020 % change
Passenger Vehicles 65,949 57,050 -13.5
Three Wheelers 40,944 38,613 -5.7
Two Wheelers 297,304 367,521 23.6
Quadricycle 360 618 71.7
Total 404,557 463,802 14.6

Source: SIAM

“The market situation is dynamic and uncertain. Industry is facing a shortage of semiconductors, steel and shipping containers,” said Rajesh Menon, the director general of SIAM.

“There is also an impact of price increase of steel, logistics and other raw materials,” he said.

The automotive industry is a major global consumer of petrochemicals, which account for more than a third of the raw material costs of an average vehicle.


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