Helm US announces partnership with Viridis for ethanol, etac in Nebraska

Author: Alex Snodgrass


HOUSTON (ICIS)--Helm US announced today that it will form an exclusive partnership for the purchase and sale of bio-based US Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ethanol and bio-based ethyl acetate (etac) to be produced at the Viridis Chemical manufacturing plant in Columbus, Nebraska.

Helm added that it will immediately be responsible for logistics management for both of Viridis Chemical’s products.

Bjorn Steckel, executive vice president of Derivatives at Helm US said, “It is a visible step forward to further increase our product portfolio with sustainable and renewable chemicals. The Viridis Chemical bio-based ethyl acetate is a visible differentiator in numerous applications vs traditional fossil-based ethyl acetate.”

Viridis Chemical’s Columbus plant is currently undergoing capital improvements that will increase production capacity.

The plant is expected to begin production of USP grade bio-ethanol in mid-2021 and production of bio-based etac in Q4 2022.

Ethanol is used as a gasoline blendstock, in pharmaceuticals, and in food and beverage applications, such as hand sanitizers and vodka.

Etac is used in coatings, pharmaceuticals and solvents.