Spain’s Fertiberia plans €1bn ammonia plant in Sweden

Author: Jonathan Lopez


MADRID (ICIS)--Fertiberia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Swedish regional government to build a €1.0bn green ammonia plant, the Spanish fertilizers producer said this week.

Total capital expenditure (capex) would stand at “over €1bn”, the company said.

The plant will be built in Lulea-Boden, in Norrbotten, Sweden’s northernmost county.

Fertiberia said it expects it to be operational by 2026.

Ammonia production would be 1,500 tonnes/day, Fertiberia said.

Considering ammonia plants normally undergo a one-month maintenance period every year, production capacity could come up to nearly 500,000 tonnes/year.

The plant will use electrolysis to use water and air as raw materials; the plant’s operations would be powered with wind and hydroelectric energy.

The project has been named ‘Green Wolverine’ and would employ 500 people once it is fully operational, the producer said.

The company said it had chosen the Norbotten county due to its “exceptional conditions” in energy production – according to Fertiberia, 100% of the county’s energy is provided by renewable sources.

“Green ammonia produced at Green Wolverine will also be used to advance in the decarbonisation of strategic sectors in the area like maritime transport or the mining industry, for example,” said Fertiberia.

Front page picture: Sweden’s Norbotten county
Source: Google Maps

Additional reporting by Richard Ewing