Stepan seeks US surfactants price increases for 10 January

Antoinette Smith


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Stepan Company announced price increases on a range of US surfactants, effective 10 January 2022, according to a company pricing announcement.

Although the announcement did not cite a reason for the increases, demand for surfactants into cleaning supplies is expected to increase with the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

In addition, demand from oilfield activity remains strong amid elevated crude oil and natural gas prices.

In addition to the product price increases, Stepan seeks a separate 1.5 cent/lb transportation increase.

Transportation costs throughout the US supply chain have risen sharply, due to insufficient trucks, railcars, and containers; high gasoline prices; and labour shortages.

The surfactants class of chemical products comprises numerous cleaning and detergent uses, from household agents to oilfield applications.

Stepan seeks price increases for surfactants in the following product categories:

 Product Category  Price
Increase ($/lb)
 Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acids  $0.03
Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates and
Dry Sulfonates
Short Chain Alcohol and
Ether Sulfates
 Lauryl Alcohol Sulfates and
Dry Sulfates
 Low Active Alkyl Ether Sulfates  $0.07-0.11
 High Active Alkyl Ether Sulfates  $0.10-0.16
 Ether Sulfates – Phenol  $0.07
 Olefin Sulfonates and
Dry Olefin Sulfonates
 Sulfonated Methyl Esters  $0.11
 Hydrotropes  $0.04
 Amides  $0.08 – $1.19
 Betaines, Sultaines and other
 Amine Oxides  $0.14
 Sulfoacetates  $0.26
 Sulfosuccinates and
Sulfosuccinate Blends
 Methyl Esters  $0.05-0.84
 Biocidal, Industrial and
Cosmetic Quats
 Softeners  $0.06-0.22
 Phosphate Esters  $0.05-0.57
 Alkoxylates  $0.015-0.18
 Specialty Polyesters  $0.02-0.08
 Specialty Esters  $0.03-0.61
 Transportation  $0.015*
*Note: Price increase is
independent of and in
addition to any
increase above

Blends and derivatives of these products are also subject to the increases.

Stepan products are used in a variety of sectors, including coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers; construction; cleaning; insulation; oilfield; and personal care.


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