Lotte Chemical forms clean ammonia consultative body with RWE and Mitsubishi Corporation

Mark Milam


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Lotte Chemical announced it has formed a clean ammonia global consultative body with RWE, a German energy company, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation, with a goal to cooperate and jointly develop a large-scale clean ammonia production and supply chain in Asia, Europe and US.

As part of this move the three companies on 7 February signed a joint study agreement (JSA) which will see the entities engage in joint research for the production and export project of clean ammonia, both blue and green, at the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas, where the largest energy export terminal in the US is located.

The companies noted that the Corpus Christi region has abundant natural gas reserves and is easy to utilise renewable energy, which is advantageous for the production of clean ammonia.

The project aims to produce up to 10m short tons of clean ammonia in stages, starting with the first production in 2030, and export ammonia to Asia and Europe through joint shipment facilities.

“We expect that companies with strengths in each field will contribute to revitalising the global hydrogen ammonia economy and carbon neutrality by carrying out joint research for the production and supply of clean ammonia,” said Hwang Jin-gu, Lotte Chemical head of the hydrogen energy business unit.

“For the success of the company, we will maximise our core competencies, such as production, distribution, utilisation, and technology development, and further strengthen our global network.”Lotte Chemical said it is carrying out a global clean hydrogen and ammonia production project in Sarawak, Malaysia, and is expanding its infrastructure network with Japanese trading companies such as Itochoo, Sumitomo, and Mitsubishi for timely distribution of hydrogen and ammonia.

In addition, it has entered into a cooperative relationship with US-based Tallgrass to introduce clean ammonia into the country, and is strengthening cooperation with Korea Midland Power, South-East Power, and East-West Power to expand ammonia hybrid power generation infrastructure.


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