Net-zero carbon has become the catch phrase for companies and governments alike as a global solution to climate change has increasingly taken center stage.

With a new administration committed to reducing CO2 emissions and the recent re-joining of the Paris agreement, the US seems on the verge of joining the climate battle on a federal level. On the heels of recent executive orders, President Joe Biden is hosting a climate summit with world leaders on Earth Day 2021.

Please join us on April 29th as we unpack the outcome and evaluate the impacts moving forward.
This webinar will discuss:

  • Will there be new climate policy?
  • What industries might be affected?
  • If so, how will this affect you and your business?

Meet the speakers

Mason Henderson
Lead Analyst, North American Carbon, ICIS

Sunny Roe
Analyst, North American Carbon, ICIS

Ranjani Ramamurthy
Analyst, North American Carbon, ICIS