Plastics packaging

Navigating change

In opaque markets characterised by price volatility, it is challenging to know the fair price for a commodity.

As demand grows, so does the need for trusted insights

With supply of recycled raw material under pressure, we work with key market players to provide independent and trusted insights on availability of product, in the light of growing demand. By bringing clarity to plastics packaging and recycling markets, whilst connecting market participants, we help companies spot opportunities for collaboration, innovation and adoption of new technologies.

Gain clarity

Transparent and unbiased market price assessments equip buyers to source at the most competitive prices. Access to the latest data and analysis to maximise confidence and clarity in negotiations

Critical commercial detail

Materials selection, sourcing and pricing is critical, particularly in the face of volatile market dynamics. The connected view of markets that ICIS gives through the plastics packaging value chain, regionally and globally, gives insights you can act on to make better and more sustainable commercial decisions.

Forming true partnerships

Indexing supply contracts to independent price assessments makes pricing transparent to both sides and allows buyers and sellers to form a true partnership.

Reinforcing budget decisions

Supplied by a recognised and trusted provider with detailed explanatory notes, ICIS forecasts give planners the confidence to justify and explain the numbers behind the budgets.


Save money
Raw material price forecasts produced by highly experienced industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the plastics packaging markets and all relevant market players, built using state of the art modelling techniques that are unbiased, balanced and reliable.

Minimise negotiating
Raw materials prices are inherently volatile, which means costs and profits are uncertain. Indexing procurement and sales contracts to the same index locks in margins, allowing plastic converters and their customers to define profitability for the term of the contract.

Lock in profits of plastic converters
Present the services we offer to deliver on the opportunity or challenge of our customers.

Build trusted relationships with your supplier/customer

Why use ICIS price reports?

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Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets. Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

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