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The energy transition

The global energy transition is a complex but vital endeavour that will span decades, yet one ICIS believes is laden with opportunity. We are here to help our customers not just compete throughout the energy transition, but to thrive in it. And nowhere is the transition more visible than in power markets.

Increased complexity

The low-carbon revolution is driving rapid transformation across Europe’s power markets. The growth of renewable energy coupled with the phasing out of fossil-fuels and nuclear power means electricity prices are more volatile than ever. Rapid growth in cables connecting different markets means fundamental drivers in one region can strongly influence price movements in others; while the ever-increasing integration of gas, carbon and power adds another level of complexity.

Turning threat into opportunity

To turn the global energy transition from threat to opportunity means understanding and anticipating these complex price movements.

Having a holistic view that connects power markets is vital to optimise your resources. It is no longer enough to only follow the markets you actively trade. You also need to know what is happening across Europe and even further afield.

Why use ICIS price reports?

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As the integrated energy experts, ICIS gives you this cross-market view. This helps you to identify opportunities by providing actionable market intelligence that describes what is going to happen over both the short- and long-term, and how you can benefit. This intelligence informs decisions that progress the energy transition.


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