ICIS Carbon Insight

Analysing the impact of carbon market news

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ICIS Carbon Insight is a combination of news, analysis, market intelligence and market expertise designed to assist traders and analysts to make better-informed business decisions in the carbon markets.

As markets are often changing, staying on top of developments and understanding how these affect market participants is vital to your business. ICIS offers information and analysis compiled by a trusted team of analysts and journalists to help you gain market advantage.

We understand how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest information, which is why we offer four different insight packages. Find out more about the regions we cover below.

EU ETS Insight

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The ICIS EU ETS Insight provides highlights from the ICIS’ European behaviour-driven analysis. Our analyst updates and monthly briefings explain the market impacts of news, carbon policy announcements, or trading statements – helping you make informed decisions promptly. Furthermore, the EU ETS Insight package includes price forecasts and EU ETS carbon market analysis that provide an overview of where the markets are headed.

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RGGI Insight

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Our analysts and reporters combine market expertise with behaviour-driven analysis to help you understand carbon market developments and make better-informed trading decisions. The RGGI Insight package will enable you to reduce the risk of being surprise by unexpected carbon market movements. Additionally, our analysts break down key data and important market events into insightful, useable information, ensuring that we do not overwhelm you with details and give you the right amount to information you need across multiple commodities.

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WCI Insight

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A blend of behaviour-driven analysis, carbon price forecasts and exclusive news for the WCI (Western Climate Initiative) schemes, all compiled and delivered by our trusted team of analysts and journalists. Whether you are new to the carbon markets and just need the basics, or you are a seasoned operator looking for a robust expert opinion, we will help you gain a market advantage.

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China ETS Insight

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The China ETS Insight package provides the highlights of analysis by ICIS experts on the Chinese carbon markets in both English and Mandarin. Bringing together a combination of ad-hoc analyst updates, price forecasts, news and research, the China ETS Insight is ideal for stakeholders, who are looking to understand the impact of key developments in China’s seven pilot schemes and the forthcoming national scheme. These would help organisations identify risks and ensure that their organisations are well prepared, by spending more time evaluating analyses and making better decisions.

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How will the carbon insight help you?

  • Receive news alerts directly to your inbox on possible market impacts of events
  • A comprehensive understanding of topics relevant to your market
  • Meet important carbon market players and stay up-to-date with ICIS analysis
  • Access to in-depth research reports and carbon webinars
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What is included in the carbon insight?

  • Intra-day analyst updates
  • Monthly Market Briefing reports containing mid-term forecasts
  • Policy/Legislative Database
  • Access to in-depth research reports and webinars
  • Access to ICIS annual carbon seminars
  • Analyst access via email, phone and messenger
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