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Carbon Trading in China

China the largest GHG emitter in the world, currently has seven pilot schemes, including an offset market. These seven markets combined cover 1.1bn tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. What is even more exciting is that China will commence its national carbon trading scheme in 2017, covering approximately 4bn tonnes of emissions making it the largest carbon market in the world.

The China Carbon ETS Portal is a suite of tools designed to help traders understand how prices will evolve as well as the impact of policy changes and market participant behaviour. Available in both English and Mandarin, this comprehensive source of market intelligence includes price forecasts, analyses, research papers and fundamental data covering the forthcoming national scheme, each of the seven Chinese pilot schemes, as well as the offset market.

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Why we’re different

The China Carbon ETS Portal is ideal for traders and analysts. It provides everything you need to plan you trading strategy for existing pilot schemes and the upcoming national scheme in both English and Mandarin. The time-saving analyst updates and clean, ready to use fundamental data means you can spend more time strategising and less time searching for data or reading poorly translated policy documents.

Our Portal subscribers also benefit from our unique modelling approach, which enables us to deliver the world’s first Chinese national allowance price forecast, our pilot price forecasts and CCER issuance/price forecast. We’ve adapted our proven Timing Impact Model (TIM), which underpins all our analysis for the Chinese pilot schemes. The success of this methodology, which we pioneered in Europe (and have also applied in California and RGGI), has made us a trusted advisor to many of the biggest market participants and regulators in Europe and worldwide.

Subscribers to the China Carbon ETS Portal will also have access to our team of bilingual analysts based in Beijing. Through their strong network of contacts, they’ve built up a deep understanding of participant behaviour and market drivers in China carbon markets.


What we offer you

  • Behaviour-driven carbon price forecasts for both pilot schemes and the national scheme
  • CCER toolkit including CCER price and issuance forecast, and a comprehensive database of projects
  • Hard-to-find fundamental data avialable in one place
  • Concise analysts’ updates to explain price fluctuations and key impacts of policies and regulations
  • Carbon market commentary to help you understand why markets reacted the way they did
  • Research reports to provide a ‘deep dive’ on a specific topic
  • Access to our bilingual analyst team available by email, phone or chat

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Carbon Markets Almanac 2017

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