Energy power analytics

A view into the future of the power market

Gain strategic advantage in the power market

The global energy transition is a complex but critical undertaking that will last decades, but ICIS believes it is ripe with opportunity. The effects of the transition are most visible in power markets.

With the increased use of intermittent renewable energy, market volatility has increased, but uncertainty can be turned into opportunity if these complex price movements can be predicted. Trade efficiently, manage risks, and make sound investment decisions with ICIS Power Analytics.

Navigate market challenges by utilising ICIS’ power forecasting, which includes short- and mid-term forecasts to aid in trading decisions, as well as long-term forecasts to 2050 to guide power market investment strategies.

Unparalleled insight into the future of the power market

Optimise decision-making

React confidently to maximise power dispatch with each weather run. Access a granular 14-day forecast, updated over six times per day and driven by up-to-date outage and weather inputs, on how price, supply and demand will evolve across key European Power markets, allowing you to achieve the most economically profitable operation schedule.

Trade with confidence

Trade efficiently and manage risks by gaining a comprehensive understanding of European market conditions in the past, present and future with ICIS Power Foresight, which provides access to advanced analytics, hard data and reliable real-time insight into price movements and provides you with a strategic advantage in the power markets.

Invest with certainty

Navigate the ever-changing energy landscape and identify lucrative investment opportunities with an in-depth understanding of Europe’s 28 national power markets.

ICIS’ Long-Term Power Forecast provides a granular, hour-by-hour view of key European power prices, supply and demand by source, emissions, and many other fundamentals over the next 30 years, allowing you to make future-proof investment decisions.


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