European R-PET & MRST analytics

Strengthen your negotiating position and identify sourcing opportunities for recycled plastics

Hitting ambitions targets

The European R-PET market and outlook for recycled plastic is often complex and volatile. Between EU directives and global legislative changes, brand pledges and targets, the ambitions and promises are vast. Understanding the factors driving prices for recycled plastics and the availability of supply enables markets’ participants to stay ahead of the curve. By bringing clarity to the European R-PET markets, companies can make forward-looking decisions that help them manage and deliver on their sustainability goals with confidence.

Impact on sourcing strategies

ICIS’s 3-month forward analysis of market drivers, updated monthly, provides impact analysis on changes in regulations, brand pledges and supply developments. It also contains clear data on annual waste PET collection volume, recycling capacity and yields.

Gaining clarity on current and anticipated short-term price movements is vital to strengthen negotiating positions and understanding the impact on your sourcing strategy. Alongside providing an 18-month price forecast, ICIS has been pricing the European R-PET market since 2006 and has the price benchmark for R-PET flakes.

ICIS Recycling Supply Tracker – Mechanical

Strengthen your negotiating position and identify sourcing opportunities for recycled plastics

Whether it is due to regulation, consumer trends, or in-house sustainability pledges, demand for high-quality recycled plastics has never been higher. But the supply is difficult to piece together in this ever-evolving marketplace. With the recycling supply tracker, get a complete picture of mechanical recycling plastic plants across the world, including their output volumes and capacity. A world-first: our easy-to-use tracker supports on-the-ground sourcing of materials and market analysis for purchasing strategies, saving valuable time and connecting you with new sourcing opportunities.

Why use ICIS European R-PET analytics?

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Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets. Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

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