Global LNG market intelligence, real-time analysis and supply-demand forecasts

Evaluate your options and understand exactly how changes in the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other gas markets could impact your business. ICIS provides the tools you need to monitor global trade flows, spot prices, project developments and supply/demand fundamentals, so that you can identify new opportunities, analyse risks, secure margins and ensure that you are equipped to react quickly.

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The global LNG market is becoming more complex and difficult to predict as we continue to see an increase in production, the number of buyers and growing pressure on shippers. We believe that in order to respond quickly, a robust and unique combination of deep data sets and intuitive analytics are required. ICIS’ LNG and gas portfolios provide daily data-driven insight and expert analysis, designed to give you a complete perspective of historic, current and future market conditions.

What we do

Pricing, news and analysis

An overview of global pricing, supply/demand, infrastructure and regulatory issues, delivered daily and weekly.

Real-time cargo tracking

Discover the live vessel positioning on the global fleet with algorithmic predictions on destinations.

Forward-looking supply and demand dynamics

When an event happens, such as an outage, our model is updated so that you have a complete view of its impact on global production via a port-by-port forecast, as well as the latest view on Asia’s demand outlook for the next two years.

What can you achieve with ICIS data?


Understand what is happening in the market, 24/7


The global LNG market is complex and fast-moving. Our experts deliver breaking news and validate events and data in real-time, while delivering short-term outlooks and trade flow analysis – so that you won’t miss out on crucial information.

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Get a forward-looking view of future contracts, rates and supplier performance


Identify where the market is heading over the next 12 to 24 months and manage risk in your portfolio. Understand what to budget for and plan ahead for new opportunities.

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Cut the time it takes to make chartering and trading decisions with real-time cargo tracking


Our advanced algorithm is supported by a team of over 20 LNG specialists focussed solely on gathering intelligence from the market and verifying it through our global network – to ensure that you capture meaningful insights from a complete online solution.

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The latest news, pricing and updates alongside expert analysis


Our LNG market experts deliver independently sourced global spot price assessments alongside fast news alerts and comprehensive deep-dive analysis, in our integrated LNG Edge platform.

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Key Functionality

Real-time cargo tracking

Live positioning on the global fleets with algorithmic predictions on destinations

Global Flows

Full coverage of global flows by imports, exports and reloads


Verified commercial intel on completed and open trades

News, pricing & analysis

Fast news alerts, independently sourced global spot price assessments and deep-dive analysis

Supply and demand forecast

Gain a port-by-port forecast for global production and a detailed two-year demand outlook for key markets in Asia – Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and India.

Plant outages & infrastructure

Referenced supply disruption data on both planned and unplanned outages and catalogue of capacities, performance and stakeholders

Company profiles & contracts

Analyse company portfolios and behaviour as well as a complete database of LNG supply agreement

Historical data

Comprehensive database going back to early 2012

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