LNG supply & demand forecast

See how global LNG supply and Asian LNG demand are changing.
Understand the impact of events. Identify opportunities.

Individual events very quickly affect LNG markets – so when something changes you need to know what impact it has. LNG Supply and Demand Forecast gives you a month-by-month forward view for up to two years ahead, and, crucially, compare how the forecast adjusts immediately after every event occurs.

What is ICIS LNG supply and demand forecast?

An online global LNG supply and Asian demand forecast for up to two years ahead, with monthly granularity. It provides you with:

Who is the LNG supply forecast for?

LNG and gas trader

forecasts which haven’t been updated for weeks presents significant challenges. No one wants to risk missing out or making the wrong decision for the longer term.

ICIS meets your needs in the following ways:

– Know when the forecast has changed, so you can respond quickly.
– See the bigger picture via a single, easy-to-use window.
– Identify high impact deals constantly updated forecast.
– Respond to supply-demand fluctuations an impact on prices occur.

LNG and gas analyst

There is never enough time available to fully resource, research, analyse and predict global supply disruptions and LNG demand in Asia.

– Avoid data overload, even with multiple countries and companies to watch.
– Validate your forecast assumptions and access data to support them.
– Test different scenarios to see their impact on the forecast and make a judgement.
– Find and measure new potential opportunities.
– Protect your reputation – and the reputation of your traders.

Gas producers

It’s difficult to sell excess production at an attractive rate. Planning ahead is hard when there is limited time to resource, research, analyse and predict LNG demand in every country – plus you also need access to a reliable short-term outlook in order to find new buyers.

ICIS meets your needs in the following ways:

– See what is coming and understand quickly how specific events impact the overall forecast.
– Have a clearer view and ensure you are always able to sell your LNG for the most attractive price on the market.
– Identify and take advantage of opportunities to sell any remaining LNG supply (on spot basis) to avoid inventory costs.

For utilities and domestic gas companies

There is never enough time available to fully resource, research, analyse and predict LNG demand in every country. And a spike in spot pricing can have a negative impact on buying (if you buy in spot).

ICIS meets your needs in the following ways:

– Competitive edge: Use timely information to achieve cost-saving advantages when buying gas on spot.
– Commercially astute: Stay on top of trends and ensure you always avoid paying above the market price.
– Builds confidence: Use the forecast to make more informed decisions and secure a constant supply of gas.

Why choose ICIS

Any event that affects volumes could shift the fragile balance of long-term global LNG supply. Accurate forecasting is vital for LNG traders and analysts. It also impacts profit for utilities and integrated energy companies. But it’s incredibly hard to be confident when plant outages, new gas supply, plant start-ups, gas rerouting, debottlenecking and other events put your careful assumptions out of track.

Our constantly updated two-year forecast takes that pressure off. Our LNG experts stay on top of events as they occur, interpret the impact, and then update the forecast instantly. That way, you get the most up-to-date view of what’s changed and why it matters.

Choose to act immediately – or combine and contrast our forecast with your internal sources for further validation. Either way, you’ll enjoy increased confidence in your forward view.

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