Powerful Analytics Solutions for Petrochemicals Markets

Transformative analytical tools designed to navigate and optimise opportunities in a demand-led, price sensitive global market-place.

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About ICIS analytics solutions

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Our analytics solutions are used by our customers to shape future strategies, minimise risk and maintain a competitive advantage.

As market intelligence needs are becoming more complex, ICIS is responding with significant investment in its existing analytics, adding diagnostic and predictive capabilities to help decision-makers respond more effectively to market changes.

Our new analytics solutions for petrochemicals markets offer a whole-market perspective as well as robust analytics tools to examine below the surface and see the true impact of change as it happens. The combination of at-a-glance data, visuals and forward thinking provides a holistic view, plus the details behind it, so you can optimise your trades, plans and strategies.

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The unique ICIS analytics solutions

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ICIS is the only information provider to offer a unique combination of analytics tools giving you:

360° view of the market

  • See the global market from all angles
  • Achieve better price flexibility
  • Enrich strategy plans with validated quality datasets

Real-time plant outages information

  • Powered by 5,000 sites with over 30,000 production plants from the ICIS Supply and Demand Database and 24/7 global market coverage by ICIS editors
  • Information updated in real time, in line with ICIS production news

Complex analytics made simple

  • Real-time visualisation with impact analysis
  • Interactive, customisable view with advanced filtering
  • Supplement in-house analytics and react quicker to market developments

See how ICIS analytics solutions can help with your specific industry needs

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Powerful analytics tools and insight to help you better spot and optimise opportunities

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ICIS provides you with the analytics tools and insight needed to navigate the levels of disruption seen in today’s petrochemicals markets.

Live Supply Disruption Tracker

Plant outages and maintenance for the next 12 months, plus the impact of capacity changes.

  • Gives you a real-time global view of the market supply
  • Powered by 5,000 sites with over 30,000 production plants from the ICIS Supply and Demand Database
  • Making you aware of upcoming shortages in the market to pre-emptsupply risks and sales opportunities
  • Enables optimum planning & security of stock

Price Drivers Analytics

Cross-commodity and cross-regional analysis of import/export parity, substitution trends, feedstock/ downstream spreads and arbitrage.

  • Maximise your margin potential
  • Enables you to negotiate better prices with domestic producers & suppliers
  • Helps you to decide whether to import or buy from local producers
  • Facilitates your trading negotiating power

Supply & Demand Outlooks

Quarterly supply & demand outlooks across the commodity chain.

  • Enables you to minimise manual workloads
  • Helps you save critical time to gather essential data
  • Assist in your quarterly forecast and business reviews
  • Supports your international trade decisions

How can ICIS' Petrochemical Analytics Solutions help you?

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