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ICIS Pricing & Analytics Solutions - Petchem

As market intelligence needs are becoming more complex, ICIS is responding with significant investment in analytics, adding capabilities to help decision-makers respond more effectively to market changes.

With global petrochemical markets facing unprecedented levels of disruption, having powerful tools and insight to navigate these obstacles and spot opportunities has never been more critical.

Spend less time filtering through information, and gain a 360 degree view of the market by using ICIS interactive, customisable tools that look below the surface and show the true impact of change as it happens.

Accessing the analytics solutions


Live Supply Disruption Tracker

Live Supply Disruption Tracker- Analytics Solutions


Global view of planned and unplanned plant shutdowns and expected new capacities within the next 12 months. See the full list of commodities covered here


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Price Drivers Analytics

Price Drivers Analytics- Analytics Solutions


Precise views of comparative market performance indicators that drive market fundamentals, trade flows and price trends. See the full list of commodities covered here

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Supply & Demand Outlooks

Supply and Demand Outlooks- Analytics Solutions


Quarterly global supply and demand review and outlooks for key value chains and regions. See the full list of commodities covered here


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