ICIS Supply and Demand Database

Single searchable source of historical and forecast data on global petrochemical and energy markets

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Data on the global petrochemicals supply chain framework at your fingertips – consolidated in a single platform

The ICIS Supply and Demand Database delivers an end-to-end perspective of the global petrochemical markets, covering 160 countries and over 100 products.

A powerful data service that brings you a wealth of refining, petrochemical feedstocks, base chemicals, intermediates and derivatives market data, giving you multiple views of the marketplace, actual market dynamics and reliable data from 1978 up to 2040.

In addition, the database is fully integrated into feedstocks and downstream into derivatives, so you can gain a consistent picture of product availability and consumption.

It offers multi-field flexible search functionality, in a user-friendly interface, enabling you to quickly access the data you require. Searches may be saved for future reference and supports sorting and exporting of data, creating of graphs, and charting to illustrate findings.

Subscribe to ICIS Supply and Demand Database to gain access to:

  • Historical and forecast data (1978-2040)
  • Petrochemical trade flows and patterns
  • Import, export and consumption volumes
  • Plant capacity, production and operating status
  • Upcoming plants, including speculative and announced projects
  • Data breakdown by country, region, product or product family
  • Key information on over 12,700 refinery streams, and 11,500 petrochemical plants
  • GDP, population, and consumer price index by country

How can the ICIS Supply and Demand Database help you?

Ultimately, we help planners avoid surprises.
The database offers a substantiated view across the entire petrochemical supply chain, locally and globally, with historic, current and forecast data. This allows you to view all possible scenarios in order to protect your business interests and build profits.

The database takes away the frustration associated with having to bring together disparate data from multiple sources. Review upstream and downstream business integration and deep dive into specific commodities. Understand current markets and trade flows, assess trends and predict future scenarios. The database offers a single, intuitive platform with scenario-building tools. Source, interrogate, sort and export data for analysis and modelling.

Predict the future. Gain access to a broad range of mainstream and specialty petrochemical and energy markets with an integrated view of upstream products in a single platform. Predict the future for market trends, sales levels and costs, assess competitive positions and spot profit opportunities with comprehensive historic data and market-realistic forecasts. Our experts are also on hand to boost knowledge on specific products when needed.

Confidently make the case for investments backed up by market-realistic projections and value-added market contexts from chemical market experts. Acquire multi-annual projections including refinery production and cracker feedstock as well as assess a company’s competitive position.

Why choose ICIS Supply and Demand Database

  • Reliable data and consistent with the market: A strict methodology is applied to our ICIS Supply and Demand Database Online Data. The data is derived using a ‘bottom-up’ approach that reconciles actual demand from supply, as well as production at a country level with local capacity and net trade. Data consistency is achieved by balancing all aspects – supply, demand, local consumption, import-export, production, plant capacity and operating rate. The data reflects market reality as it considers the current market situation, trading patterns, expected new demand, production, technology developments, and emerging raw materials. Our experienced consultants review and collate the data and statistics from hundreds of resources. They then apply their industry knowledge and expertise to verify, interpret and validate historical and forecast data against economic indicators, such as GDP and per capita consumption.
  • 30 years of industry expertise that covers over 180 commodity markets in key regions: ICIS is the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider with more than 30 years’ experience in the petrochemical industry. Our team of consultants are industry experts, each with over 20 years of experience in carrying out detailed investigations in the petrochemical industry. The global team covers over 180 commodity markets and has in-depth knowledge across markets in upstream and downstream sectors in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.
  • Access to ICIS team of consultants and industry experts: The ICIS Supply and Demand Database Online provides you access to ICIS team of industry experts who are able to advice on the factors and logic in deriving the forecasted data.
    With over 20 years of individual experience, they are able to interpret and contextualise the data to your business and guide you with future strategies, commercial expectations, and investments.
  • Consolidated information in a user-friendly interface: The full spectrum of industry data (upstream, midstream, downstream) is consolidated in ONE SINGLE database, enabling easy and quick access to information in a single source.
    Select from pre-set searches or utilise the multi-field and flexible searches to extract the data you require.
  • Receive customised training and 24-hour support from our Customer Service team: We understand that our clients have varying needs. We tailor our training so that you can quickly learn how to pull out data that are relevant to your immediate needs. Training is available one-on-one or as a group and can be conducted via webinar or in some cases, on site. Our Customer Service team is available 24 hours to address any technical issues.


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