Actionable insight. Quality decisions.

Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets. The world is constantly changing, challenging us to adapt to current conditions while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. As markets continue to be increasingly variable, there is greater pressure to make decisions quickly and ensure those decisions position us best for the future. Marginal gains mean a great deal.

At ICIS, we are focused on providing our customers in the global chemical industry with the most trusted, relevant information to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time. Which is why we draw together extensive expert insight within our critical hub, ICIS Digital. Delivering data, news and intelligence for an integrated view of the whole supply chain, accounting for interconnections and filtered through our expert view, we provide you with insight into what is changing, and why.

Benefit from seamless instant access to our dedicated news channel, analytics, market intelligence, supply and demand outlooks, 18-month price forecasts, unlimited access to historic pricing data and more – all through ICIS Digital.


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An enhanced digital solution to allow you to make smart, strategic decisions

Access to pricing data, market analytics and expert insight in one seamless intelligence solution.

Powerful analytics

Visualise, spot and optimise opportunities across changing markets with a unique combination of interactive analytics tools, all within our ICIS platform.

Price assessments and reports

Independent reports on market trends and price history analysis with custom email alerts on price changes, news and outages. Save time collecting market information with access to all the data, analysis and tools that you need, in one place.

ICIS Mobile app

On-the-go access to the latest news, pricing data and market reports. Available on iOS and Android, enjoy instant access to information and reports for a given market or commodity directly from your mobile device.

News and market updates

A dedicated channel with breaking news and industry insight, as it happens. Covering the latest news about chemical business, plastics, biofuels and solvents, get the latest headlines in one place, as soon as they’re published.

Powerful, configurable workflow integration tools

Actionable intelligence with pricing and market fundamentals via Excel Plug-in, API and FTP.

Supply and Demand

Historical and forward-looking supply & demand, import & export, regional production capacity databases. Updated each quarter, the supply & demand outlook delivers a global overview of market conditions for the previous three months, plus ICIS predictions for the current quarter across key value chains.

Interactive events

Expert commentary and intelligence with bitesize videos and webinars to help navigate changing market conditions. Sharing timely insights from our experts and industry partners to address the topics and questions that matter.

Powering the decisions that matter

For 150 years we’ve moved with the times, bringing critical intelligence and clarity to complex markets. Today, we’re evolving again, with powerful digital experience to help people respond, predict and trade with conviction.

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Need Help?