ICIS Power Index (IPI)

The ICIS Power Index (IPI) gives homes and businesses insight into price trends on the UK wholesale electricity market.

Increased visibility

Robust energy markets are vital to the UK economy, and the ICIS Power Index (IPI) makes electricity price trends and activity more visible and accessible to household consumers and commercial buyers, as well as media and policy-makers.

The IPI shows movements on the most liquid contracts for forward delivery on the UK electricity market, removing the impact of seasonality and weighted to reflect real consumption.

You can find historical IPI data on this page.

If you would like to access the latest IPI data, up to the most recent UK working day, please contact us at support@icis.com


IPI at a glance

Contact us

For any questions regarding the ICIS Power Index, please contact:

Editor – European Daily Electricity Markets
Laura Mendes
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Managing Editor – Energy
Jamie Stewart

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